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Alfonso Cuarón the first Latino to win Best Director at the Academy Awards.

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Help! Venezuela has Become a war zone. The government and its armed groups, the army and national police are killing the Venezuelan people right now. The situation is becoming more critical. We just want justice and our freedom!. 

The world needs to know. Help please!.




I don’t know if any of y’all watch the news, or actually know about any of the terrible things going on outside our country right now. Today, while sitting at work, I heard the news reporters speaking of fires and wars in Kiev, Ukraine. The picture of the fire above was shown, and said to be taken in Ukraine but it is actually from Valencia, Venezuela. Venezuela’s crisis is being kept undercover right now, and no one is truly aware of the magnitude of the harm being presented. I beg you to please reblog this, just a simple reblog could get the word out to others and let them know what is actually going on. The things that these people are being put through are completely in humane and unnecessary. Listen people, THIS IS NOT KIEV, UKRAINE. THESE PICTURES WERE ALL TAKEN IN VENEZUELA. PLEASE HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT.

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Fargo (1996)

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As we can see, the top photo is the original photo from the trailer, but with some enchantment we can show a little more of what is happening in this scene. 

That is in fact Hannibal in his plastic suit, using a medical instrument to force something into a seizing/possibly unconscious Will Graham

It’s the fucking ear omg


*wakes up with one sock on* whoa what a crazy night

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